Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Shit. I should be asleep by now, otherwise, my alarm must be super loud tomorrow morning for me to get up from bed.

I'm loving the display item on my desk now. It's the mini headless mannequin that amy n her bf gave me;)

Assignment due in 8 days. I am not done with it yet. Not even half of it. Jeannie and Cindy kept pestering me to go down to oxford...distracting larh! haha but I would like to see them, it's been almost 2 weeks now. Then, Jonathan reminded me to keep saturdat free for his bday party. Gosh I tak payah study edy is it!

Somemore got corporate governance on 1st dec!

Maybe I could manage my time well.


How I wish i have more time now.;)



Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm sorry to disappoint you readers. I admit that this blog had been in deep neglect.

So, I will update now.LOL

There are many things going on my mind right now.

First and foremost-ASSIGNMENT due in 10 days time! and....exam on 1st december!

And that will be the end of the semester 1 of my MBA course.

Isn't time fast?

I celebrated my 21st birthday in Bayswater, London. Amy introduced me cha cha moon in whiteleys as they are famous for cha kueh (fried rice cakes).

Dinner in cha cha moon, whiteleys. Cha cha mooli was awesome!=) (for malaysians, it's actually fried lo bak gou) haha.

Then it's the after party.
I received a black scarf from Jonathan. I like it cos the material is specially soft and silky. And I thanked him for giving me a scarf cos I dont have many of it, and it's put into good use this evening when the strong wind struck the streets in London on my way back home!

Amy and her bf got me a mini headless mannequin, dressed with long silky grey dress. The point of this mannequin being headless is for me to hang my jewelleries on it. I used to see this on shops' display, and get very fascinated with it, but I don't usually buy one myself, and I don't know why.

But I am happy to receive those as a birthday gift!=p

Amy is gonna give me another one. It is gonna be specially from her! I'm really touched.

Yeong got me a pair of earrings, along with a birthday card. I'm not going to share the contents here, but all I could say is, I am very happy to meet her here in London..=)

My leg is covered with tiny blisters right now cos I wore a 4-inch peep toe heel yesterday. But I think it's worth it.=p

I have already been in London for 2 months now. Am I really getting used to be a londoner?

Maybe one month ago, I would reply 'no way'.

But now, I will reply you ' maybe'.

I believe I grew alot. ALOT. After all the experience here for the past one month.

And I'm glad I learnt from it.

Cos the things that don't kill me, makes me stronger.

I wonder what would I be in Nov 2010.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

30 days in paradise

I still have about 15 days to go before my results are out. It seems long ya, but when I started to do some flash-back, 16th was the day I had my first freedom; and now is 30th of may. Which means I already had about 15 days of it. It seems fast though.

Mum would be attending my convo on 25th of june, and if everything goes well, I'll be returning to tanah melayu on the 30th of june, taking the afternoon flight and will officially land in KLIA on the following day itself.

For the past few days, I had been hanging out with my buddies in oxford, and there was once amy,jeannie and I went to yo sushi in city centre, and we met anna popplewell from chronicles of narnia.

We were about to finish our dinner, when she and her bf entered and sat opposite us. I was kinda surprised because she is indeed anna popplewell, but nobody had actually asked for her autograph or so on.

I thought it's the wrong person since she is just any other customer who is eating, but when she started speaking to her bf, her voice convinced me that she is anna popplewell!

I took a few more glances, and yes it is really her.

Jeannie had no idea who she was, cos she obviously didnt watch chronicles of narnia=.-

So Amy and I approached her.

MY:"Excuse me, do you act in the chronicles of narnia?"

anna:"(surprised look) yes hi i am anna, nice to meet you."

shook hands and..

she denied pictures.

Nevertheless, I shook hands with anna popplewell!

If I'm lucky enough, I would like to bump into hermione granger!*dreams*

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's the end of the road!

Today's date = 23rd of may 2009.

I have been waiting for this date to come so badly for the past few months ever since my return to UK.

This blog had been neglected for the past 2 months.lol

Recently, there is this on-going disease called swine-flu which totally freaked me out last 3 weeks.
I once bought BBQ spare ribs from a takeaway service located near my hall because I'm just craving for it. So when I finished one of it, I realised the pig flu!

My heart felt like coming out! I thought I am going to die or something! OMG summore that time exams were not over yet! I prayed...

I thought I wont be able to survive for the next day...

And the next thing I know..pig flu would not spread through food! haha how hilariousXD

these are a few pictures for may 2009(FREEDOM MONTH)!

Jeannie, amy, pahk n I in one of the clubs in oxford=)

jia xin, amy n I eating indian cuisine=p

yien lee n I..XD

ying,me,ainun and set yee

seah seah
kean min, me and hua jie

lit fwu n I

will be back soon=p

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happenings during month of March '09

So my interview with Zaid Ibrahim will be on the 31st of March at UCL, London.


I was cooking glass noodles for dinner, Sarah and Gil was disgusted by the way glass noodles looks like. They thought that I am eating "long worms!".


So dad was advising me (long-winded advise) bout the dos and don'ts about interviews.

But nothing goes into my head.

Maybe is because I am drowsy.

Nowadays I keep on watching ANTM after not watching it for a very loooooooong time.

My favourite contestants are Caridee & Jaslene(she has great personality), Melrose, Sheena & Anchal & AJ(amazingly beautiful).

My favourite judges of the show are Nigel Barker and of cos Tyra herself.

Btw Nigel Barker's wife looks like Maggie Q right?!

I was telling the mother that mother's day is on 2 days time.

She was absolutely shocked that mother's day falls at the end of March. She always believed that it's on the month of May.

But UK is celebrating mother's day on sunday what!



Always love you,


Mum, guess what, I took a quiz that says: what were you during your past life?

And my results turned out to be : Queen Elizabeth I.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I had an extremely bad day this morning cos of menstrual cramps, and its 10am. I had to take one tablet of painkiller, and went back to bed until 4pm. I never slept that long before.

The schedule for our finals is out now, and I have exams on the 11th, 14th and 16th of May if not mistaken. So I have roughly one month plus more before finals. I skipped lessons today and also for the past few weeks, still hoping that I will perform well.

Might be going down to London this saturday again to accompany weiyee for her interview for Inner Temple's scholarship for BVC course. Not too sure yet.

Btw, my predictions are accurate, and I'm very delighted about it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Monday on this week is not any typical Monday blues I had in Oxford. It's not always often
to enjoy mondays!

Jeannie and I standing outside the entrance of the Oxford Castle. The other two just do not wanna be inside the photos.
The place is rather quiet and serene though it's located in the city centre, and what surprises me is that there are not many people there.

We just thought that since we are gonna leave Oxford in just another two months, it's worthwhile to travel around Oxford for the sake of remembrance. Moreover we have travelled London and Birmingham, but not the place that we are currently residing in.

First Destination : Oxford Castle

It only cost one pound to come uphill. At first, we were reluctant to cos' we thought it would cost about 20 pounds per entry as there's a passcode on the gate. Then we saw an elder couple coming down and we probably thought that it's free to enter. So we eventually did "passed through" cheekily for 3 seconds when we were called up by the people in charge there. *wow they have really sharp eyes!*

The view is-I could not describe in words. It's breathtaking as the weather is so chilling cos spring is very near, and we could see the whole City Centre from there. It is like an organized maze. The buses on the road, the crowd, the endless outlets surrounding the area, it just fits in rightly into my eyes. It's just so different when you are picturing yourself as one of the "mini people" walking down there.

We spent approximately one hour there. Ya some of you might think it's ridiculous, that we are digging some gold there.

Lit Fwu rang Darrel up and here we are : The Prestigious Oxford University.

This is my second time being here. The first time I stepped into Oxford Uni was October 2008 with Marcus and the gang. Now that I think back time really flies. The security was stricter back then, that Darrel took quite long to negotiate with the guard for us the (Brookes) student to be permitted to enter to the Oxford Uni.

Darrel showed us around Oxford Uni. Basically Oxford Uni reminds me of those historical buildings that have implied meanings behind each and every part of the structure of it, though I don't know exactly what those meanings are.

We then went up to Darrel's room, which is located just opposite the Main Library. His room is as huge as my present room in Paul Kent Hall, or maybe slightly bigger, with a mini fridge inside, bathroom but only has a sink, closed door wardrobe, and a tiny desk at the corner with chess on it.

We then left at 3pm cos Darrel is leaving to London at 3.30pm.

After sending Darrel off, Lit fwu wanna go punting. And the girls agreed.

At first, Lit fwu decided to punt the long flat boat. But it was harder that he thought, and he freaked all of us out. The boat was so bumpy+ unstable all the way, it seems like we are going to flip over anytime soon because our boat keep knocking edges, going opposite sides etc. Jeannie and I was so tensed that we hold on to each other and grabbed the sides of the boat, while weiyee, remaining calm (she admitted later that she was pretending to be calm! haha) taught us to balance the boat all the way back to the "port", that we decided to ask the expert to punt.

It took about one hour and it was an enjoyable one. I don't think I experienced this before.

We had liquor again for dinner.

This time, it's Vodka Smirn-Off with 38% alcohol contained inside.

I was the lucky number 1 to have straight 5 shots after losing the game. The taste of this wine is slightly bitter than Tequilla, but it's more syok than tequilla (cos Tequilla is sweet and chilling). But then again, it's not as worse as Royal Salute/ Gordon Blue.

Then Jeannie drank straight 3 shots after me, followed by Lit Fwu. They could not take the bitterness and had to mix it with one full chunk of Lemonade, haha! It's so fun watching people drinking wine sometimes, cos they don't know how to appreciate the bitterness of it, in which they suffer in return.

Then I was punished again and I drank my 6th shot. Weiyee lost once but we spared her not to drink as she did not want to even touch one drip of it. So we made her do prank calls, and she had to prank call marcus and weichao. This is damn hilarious cos weichao actually got pranked!

I had my 7th shot before I went back to my room, not because I lost the game, but is because Jeannie wants me and lit fwu to "teman" her drink. What a word to use when you don't wanna drink alone. So we did, see how good we are to our Jeannie Chong.

Then Carlos joined in!

That's a rep.